Policy and Strategy Development

Support Governments, Regulators, and the Industry to develop and implement new airspace and ATM policy goals, strategic plans and performance standards

Business Case Development & Economic Analysis

Drawing a clear line of sight from the operational improvements of a particular investment to the broader costs and benefits impacting a range of different stakeholder groups has become a critical part of many major change.

The impact of modernisation is typically overwhelmingly positive. However, there is sometimes a misalignment between stakeholders that incur costs of making a change and those that benefit.

Some stakeholders may experience indirect costs, for example linked to changes in the impact of aircraft noise or the requirements to access certain volumes of airspace.

Trax consultants specialise in the analysis of the broader economic impacts of airspace and air traffic management changes both positive and negative.

Policy and Strategy Development

Trax develops policy and regulatory enablers that support the modernisation of airspace and air traffic management sectors.

The development of State level cross industry airspace modernisation and PBN implementation plans, covering capability assessments across aircraft operators, airports and air navigation service providers, concepts of operation, business case development, transition and implementation planning.

Performance Based Regulation

We can develop new end to end safety oversight processes and software support tools to evaluate and oversee your safety risks.

Trax develop a total system approach to assessing safety risks that links the safety performance data of individual entities with groupings across the total system.

Safety bow-ties consolidate a huge variety of detail incident and risk data combined with expert opinion and requires extensive engagement with regulators, industry stakeholders and safety specialists in the respective sectors.