Unmanned Aircraft Systems

Support and guidance for UTM concept of operation, integration, VLOS & BVLOS Trials. In addition we can help with establishment of TDAs and TMZs Commercial UAS operational services (such as photography, structural health, surveys & inspection services)

Land and Structural Health Surveys

Our Drone operators are licensed by the UK CAA to operate commercially and safely.

As a subset of our VLOS services, our experienced CAA licensed UAS operators are able to provide high resolution imagery for your business or private requirements at short notice and with fast turnaround.

Using our fleet of fully insured aircraft, we can survey any topographical area or structure to provide high resolution photo, video and 3D outputs, based on normal cameras, infrared or LIDAR equipment.

UTM Integration

Our team of experts will determine existing and potential Unmanned Traffic Management requirements, advise, research, create and implement a suitable UTM solution.

Extensive UAS operations would normally require Unmanned Traffic Management to ensure efficiency, safety and regulatory compliance and we are able to provide all the necessary support. Various UTM solutions could be beneficial in fairly small and even segregated blocks of airspace, whereas UTM would often be compulsory if there is a slight chance of interacting with uninvolved members of the public or conventional traffic.

We can provide UTM integration support for all kinds of UAS operations: starting from a simple managing aircraft system for a private business (such as farming or oil rig inspections), to scoping trials, understanding/creating the regulatory framework and providing solutions for governments and national aviation regulators on nationwide scale.


We propose, test, validate and scale a suitable UAS solution for your organisation.

Whether you are a private business, an airport or a government agency that sees potential benefits in UAS operations, our experts can provide full support to your business, understanding regulations, technical requirements, limitations and business opportunities. We can help organise trials for a variety of solutions, starting from a simple VLOS surveying service or more complex BVLOS operations.

We can both organise trials, help you setup solutions for independent operations or provide a service on short and medium term projects. Examples could vary from local inspections in manual flight, autonomous surveying (including thermal, LIDAR and others), BVLOS deliveries and other tailored bespoke solutions that could benefit from a UAS technology.