Who are Trax International?

Trax is an aviation consultancy focusing on air traffic management and airport service provision with a multicultural team and worldwide reputation.

We employ a multi-national team of consultants with a diverse range of backgrounds, covering regulation, economics, stakeholder engagement and communications, air traffic control, instrument flight procedure design, aircraft and aerodromes operations, pilots, commercial UAV operations and programme management.

Our consultants work at the forefront of operational implementations as well as R&D activities currently being undertaken within the industry. We work with all stakeholders including policy makers, regulators and government to tackle key implementation challenges facing the sector.

Our approach

We are regularly engaged by our clients to undertake strategic, operational, design, commercial, technical, research and development, assurance and policy and regulatory roles across a variety of sectors.

Our vision is to:
• Provide best in class ATM consultancy services to the UK and European markets.
• Enhance the quality and accessibility of ATM modernisation stakeholder engagement and consultations materials and processes.
• Offer a cost-efficient alternative to larger organizations providing ATM consultancy services by keeping our commercial rates at approximately 70% of the market average.

We currently provide services to over 30 clients operating in 10 countries.

The team

We have built a core team that balances youth and experience.

Our principal consultants have many years of ATM experience and a proven track record for delivery. Our consultants at the earlier stages in their careers each have aviation-related academic degrees and bring knowledge of the latest trends and links to technology and innovations in other sectors. Essentially, they teach the old dogs new tricks.

The delivery of our services is led on a day to day basis by the Trax directors supported by our principal consultants.

We firmly believe that good leadership, underpinned by clear decision making, active engagement and oversight is a key contributor to our employees’ wellbeing, thereby enhancing their performance and helping our business to thrive.

Trax has quickly grown into one of the leading airspace and ATM consultancies in the market. They are highly regarded at Heathrow and across the airports for their expert knowledge, delivery track record and personal approach to stakeholder engagement and consultation support.

Heathrow – Airspace Change Programme

The Trax team are skilful, efficient and committed consultants. They made an immediate impact when I engaged them to support the NAS Programme, producing high-quality outputs quickly, capitalizing on potential synergies and minimizing duplications of effort across the many stakeholders involved. 

IATA Europe

Trax International has made a significant contribution to airspace and ATM modernization in the UK and its alignment with SES reforms across Europe through the company’s long-standing support of the FAS Deployment Steering Group and more recently the implementation of the Airspace Modernization Strategy. 

UK CAA / FAS Deployment Steering Group